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Ben Dowding

Ben Dowding

Ben Dowding, Managing Director of Taylor Dowding Innovation Ltd.

Originally from Co. Durham, Ben has lived in North Wales since graduating in 1985. He has spent his 30 plus year career in the electronics industry. His main interests are skiing, hiking and sailing but rarely gets to enjoy all three in any one year! Ben has purposely maintained a hands-on approach with circuit board design throughout the whole of his career.

Ben gained his BSc Hons in Physics with Microelectronics and Computing from Leicester University. His final year project involved developing a bar code scanner interface using Z80 assembler. Other projects were primarily software biased using FORTRAN, COBOL and PASCAL. He started a career as a software engineer in the R&D department of Kemitron Electronics (North Wales). His manager was Pete Lomas, co-designer of the Raspberry Pi, a partnership that has continued in various forms to the current day. Two years were spent at Kemitron working on the CPM operating system, Z80 and M6800 assembler coding and coding for a pcb design tool.

After gaining further valuable experience with Mosaic Technology Ltd., in 1997 Ben co-founded Norcott Technologies Ltd., an electronics design consultancy and EMS provider. In 2004 Ben went on to create Routability Ltd before co-founding Taylor Dowding Innovation Ltd in 2014.

Taylor Dowding is an electronic design consultancy based near Flint, North Wales. Ben’s role as Managing Director includes all of the financial, operational sales and marketing aspects for TDI, and pcb design of course.