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Member Of The Month - CyberLamb Studios

The power of two, a talented pair of developers in North Wales have been working on a number of exciting projects that combine entertainment, education and even help tackle cystic fibrosis and children suffering with respiratory diseases.

CyberLamb Studios are indie developers, founders and childhood friends. Gareth Brown and Ned Birkin make independent and commissioned games for desktop and mobile. Since launching their first title ‘DEATHPIT 3000’ in 2017, CyberLamb have been working on projects with an international customer base. The ESTnet have been in touch with Gareth to find out more.

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‘’We’re just old friends who wanted to make games’’ - Gareth

Cyber Lamb have created a game to help the young sufferers of cystic fibrosis, the game allows young users to bring variety to their daily exercise treatment by breathing into the Acapella Choice. They have also partnered with a Canadian non-profit organisation called ‘Breathing Games’ who develop free open-source games to promote respiratory health, and help suffers of chronic respiratory diseases.

As the very popular gaming mode of ‘Battle-Royal’ is dominating the gaming community, CyberLamb are developing their own unique ‘Battle-Royal’ in Space. They are also working on a real world location based adventure game, with many applications. Based on his experience as an English lecturer at Sheffield University, he is developing an educational language app. CyberLamb truly demonstrate the art of combining technology and entertainment for today’s younger generation and the way they consume and share content, experiences and information.

Gareth and Ned have been heavily involved in the technology and gaming communities. ‘’It’s a great way to find people to work with and collaborate. In the tech industry it’s essential to have great connections.’’ It was through attending an event in North Wales, Gareth was introduced to the ESTnet, a relationship he hopes to develop and we look forward to working together. As active members in the North Wales community, they are also building a relationship with Wrexham Glyndwr University’s gaming department.

From working in the tech industry in Wales Gareth explains:

‘’I was excited to hear about the events and what’s going on in North Wales. There is a sense of community in tech, a community of people who are working supporting and helping each other and I’m really pleased to be a part of it.’’

Gareth welcomes collaboration with local and wider technology communities, to exchange knowledge, grow and in the case of Cyberlamb Studio’s ‘tech for good’ to change the lives of others.