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The Global Electronic and Software Technologies Industry

The electronic and software technologies industry acts as an enables development and innovation across a broad set of market sectors, it drives the global economy and is vitally important to the world economy and society as a whole.

Global production in the electronics industry in 2010 amounted to $1.7 trillion. The top five countries; China, USA, Japan, South Korea and Singapore accounted for 65.8% of this output.

The global software technologies market had total revenues of $293 billion in 2011, general business productivity and home use were the most lucrative markets.

The total value of the market is expected to increase to $397 billion by the end of 2016.

Major markets where electronic and software technologies enable innovation and development across the globe include: Renewable Energy, Automotive, Financial Services, Aerospace, Healthcare/Medical, Food and Farming, Construction. Defence, Leisure and Tourism and Transportation.

The United Kingdom Electronic and Software Technologies Industry

With an output of £29 billion in 2011 the UK is the 3rd largest electronics producer in Europe and 13th largest in the World, contributing £12 billion to the UK GVA.

The UK software market is the 2nd largest in Europe with annual sales of £8billion.

Software development accounts for 12% of all ICT investment made in the UK meaning that it is the fastest-growing component of ICT investment in the UK.

In terms of project numbers, software and advanced engineering are the two top-performing sectors for attracting Foreign Direct Investment into the UK. (UKTI)