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Innovate UK offer funding and support to nurture business-led innovation across all industry sectors.

Support can be through competitive grants or Knowledge Transfer Partnerships which offer businesses the opportunity to work with academic institutions to gain access to new knowledge.


Innovate UK’s Manufacturing & Materials funding competition Round 1 (with a £15 million pot). 

Innovation funding available for the following anticipated scope themes:

  • Addressing the manufacturing of more flexible readiness of growing sectors
  • The development of more flexible or efficient processes
  • Processes that enable greater customization of products to fit diverging consumer needs
  • The development of materials for targeted performance specifications
  • The development of materials for ease of manufacture
  • The diversification of product and service lines to address new markets
  • The development of novel services that open up new sources of revenue from


For this competition, materials are expected to include, but are not limited to: Nanomaterials, Ceramics, Metals and Inter-metallics, Polymers, Composites, Coatings, Smart Materials & Joining of Dissimilar Materials.

A project may focus on technical feasibility, industrial research or experimental development.  You must show how your proposal will enable a step change in competitiveness and productivity for at least one UK SME involved in the project.


Stream 1 is for projects under 12 months duration and under £100,000. An SME can apply on its own for funding up to £100,000. Stream 2 is for projects lasting longer than 12 months or costing over £100,000. If you expect your eligible project costs to be more than £100,000 you must collaborate with at least one other organization.

For technical feasibility studies and industrial research, you could get up to 70% of your eligible project costs* if you are a micro/small business. For experimental development projects which are nearer to market, you could get up to 45% of your eligible project costs if you are a micro/small business. *Eligible costs covers a wide variety of project related costs from labour to materials and capital equipment usage. Your contribution to the total project cost can be made using a number of funding mechanisms.


The competition opens on 8th May and will receive applications until 12th July 2017.


Innovation Point are here to help increase your chances of securing the funding you need to grow your business. Please contact us about this and other funding opportunities to discuss how we can help you:  Roger Hiscott, Head of Business Development

Email: Tel: 07973 122 295 Web:


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What if you’re not eligible

You can use the Business Finance Support Finder to check for other funding opportunities. You can also download the Innovation Directory (PDF, 547KB, 50 pages) to find details for other relevant organisations.