Innovate UK Funding



You can get £150,000 to £10 million from Innovate UK to run a research and development project. You can use this funding to test and develop an innovative idea and make it successful. Your project can help to create new knowledge or develop a new product, process or service.

Innovate UK works with the research councils to run 4 Catalysts:

  • Agri-Tech Catalyst
  • Biomedical Catalyst
  • Energy Catalyst
  • Industrial Biotechnology Catalyst

Grant levels vary but you may get funding for up to 60% of your project costs. You will need to fund the remaining costs yourself.


To qualify for Catalyst funding you must:

  • be a UK business (or thinking of starting a business) or a research organisation
  • work in agri-tech, biomedical, energy or industrial biotechnology industries
  • work with a research partner or other business on this project

How to apply

These are ongoing competitions and you can apply at any time. Different levels of funding are available depending on how close your project is to completion. You must apply online.

There are 3 main phases of funding:

  • early-stage feasibility studies 
  • industrial research such as prototyping, field trials or market testing
  • late-stage testing in a real-life environment

Apply online for Catalyst funding