Innovate UK Funding

Horizon 2020


Innovate UK can help you access EU funding through the Horizon 2020 programme. You can use this funding to:

  • achieve something that’s too big to do alone
  • work with other organisations across a value chain
  • gain access to science and technology
  • draw on skills and expertise you don’t have
  • find opportunities to trial innovative solutions


Any type of organisation can apply for Horizon 2020 funding:

  • businesses of all sizes 
  • universities
  • charities
  • institutes
  • public bodies
  • healthcare providers

How to apply

There are 3 funding themes:

  • excellent science - improving Europe’s science base
  • industrial leadership - helping Europe attract research and innovation investment
  • societal challenges

Each funding competition has a different theme. Opening dates and deadlines vary. You must apply online. 

You can get more information and advice from the Horizon 2020 network of National Contact Points.

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