Innovate UK Funding



You can get £25,000 to £250,000 from Innovate UK to run an R&D project. You could use this funding to develop a new product, process or service. 

Grant levels vary. You can get funding of up to 60% of your project costs to prove that your idea will work or to find a potential market. You can get funding of up to 45% to develop a prototype. You will need to fund the remaining costs yourself.


To qualify for Smart funding you must:

  • be an early-stage, micro, small or medium-sized UK business or be thinking of starting a business
  • have both the ambition and potential to achieve high growth
  • work in science, engineering or technology industries

How to apply

The Smart funding programme is always open and is not restricted to specific themes or industries. You must apply online.

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Apply online for Smart funding