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Working in Partnership with the Centre for Electronic Product Engineering (CEPE) at the University of South Wales

ESTnet member University of South Wales’ Centre for Electronic Product Engineering (CEPE) has developed a wide range of technology based systems and solutions for both UK and European partners over many years.

Part of the work has resulted in new ideas being generated that could form the basis of novel products and services for companies.

CEPE is already investigating commercialisation of near-market systems by working with partners to enhance and extend the underlying technologies to meet their specific needs and market aspirations.

They are now actively seeking new partners to consider collaborating in the development of exciting and original "Hi-Tech" products and services here in Wales.

Below are some examples of the wide range of possibilities available that they would be happy to discuss how these or other developments could make an impact in your business, or even in the creation of a new business.

To register interest and for further information on one or more products please contact:


 1. A hybrid Zigbee (mesh network) / Bluetooth enabled sensor system that can integrate with any Bluetooth enabled tablet / phone and thus to the Internet. Almost any sensor can be enabled but we have demonstrators for CO2, temp, humidity and light that we have created with a partner.                                                                   

2. Measurement systems for Harsh Environments. This would include Robust Embedded systems with wide range of sensors and actuators. Examples include a "Headless" (no integrated user interface) Energy Analysis System with remote Control and Display functions for three phase electricity systems.

3. Miniature, very low power Wireless Vibration and Location Logger that "talks" to a sophisticated data analysis programme, either on a local device or on the "cloud". A battery operated demonstrator is available showing vibration measurement, together with data collection and analysis, but almost any low power sensor could be attached.

4. Bluetooth Anything (almost). A cost effective device that will allow Bluetooth functionality to be added to almost any existing system that has a USB / Serial output. A demonstrator is available that shows an ECG/ Bluetooth System that sends data to an app on a mobile phone.

5. Networked data and voice management system that can use a variety of network enablers. An example is available that uses the sophisticated auto-motive bus system (CAN BUS).

These examples are only meant to show the possibilities available and CEPE would look to those who can see the application of these enablers in a wider market context.

CEPE would also look at existing, stand alone products and see how they can be improved through wireless networking or how new services can be formed through data collection and analysis using the "Internet of Things" concept.