international trade

Case studies

If your business has yet to venture overseas but think it might be a path you would like to take in future, then perhaps you will be inspired to do so by stories from those who have benefited from the support available.

Below is a report from mobile app company Rantmedia, who attended Mobile World Congress 2012 as part of the Welsh Government Trade Mission.

“We were privileged to be chosen by the Welsh Government to be part of their trade mission to MWC2012.

Our objective for the event was to show off some of the really cool technology we’ve been working on during the past few months including:

  • our 3D game world engine (codenamed ‘f-cubed’) which truly raises the bar concerning the visualisation of highly realistic landscapes and water (and will be featuring in a completely *knock-out* game mid/end April) plus
  • our soon-to-be-released, totally unique advertising platform and
  • a taster of our top end Augmented Reality capability

We also wanted to soak up the atmosphere, check out the current cutting edge in hardware and talk to potential partners (and, yes, some competitors too!).

It was our first MWC. I’m sure that will make veterans raise a little smile – just because nothing really prepares you for the sheer 'scale' of the place. ‘Huge’ just doesn’t even do it justice. The best way to describe it is as a square-mile of gadgets! At least that’s what it feels like.

And things move 'fast' – the big companies are fighting for news column inches and announcing better, brighter, faster… cooler things… about every 20 minutes. All day. That brings a kind of buzz to the place!

And your opportunity to engage is incredible. It’s like a 4-day, full-on, speed networking event. With people who really do 'get' what you’re talking about.
And then it’s over. We were exhausted, our minds were spinning (and just about hanging on in there) but we loved (just about) every minute of it!”