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New technology ‘embeds’ critical first aid skills in children.

Sadly, over 28,000 people die in the UK every year from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). Only 5% of those suffering a SCA outside of hospital survive. The story is different in Norway where 25% survive. The difference is down to the number of citizens who can respond to a life-threatening emergency quickly, and efficiently as over 90% of the population have received CPR training.

First Aid training is generally seen as time consuming and less than 1 in 20 of us are trained. Four Minutes Ltd is addressing this with a new way of delivering critical emergency skills for lay rescuers (that’s you and I) which is both quick to deliver and more accurate.

European Resuscitation Council (ERC) studies show that people lose the confidence to act in an emergency within 3 months of training using current teaching methods and that when CPR is delivered, it is suboptimal and directly affects the survival outcome.

“With only 4 minutes to help someone who is not breathing, having the right skills and the confidence to act without hesitation will save lives! This is as important for children as learning to swim!” Fotini Teneketzi, Founder.Four Minutes

With Welsh Government Accelerated Growth Programme (AGP) support and R&D assistance from the Centre for Excellence for Mobile and Emerging Technologies (CEMET) Founder  Fortini Teneketzi and CTO Mark Hesketh, have been able to develop a prototype CPR training system. Their unique Mixed Reality platform combines visual and tactile feedback delivering a near-life immersive first aid training experience. 

Initially, delivered in schools, this training technology will empower and provide the skills to help save lives. Four Minutes have combined a custom sensor package with a standard VR headset and CPR manikin, enabling schools to provide an experience that is repeatable, measurable
Four Minutes2 and cost effective. Children having had access to this type of training, eventually become adults and will instinctively step-up in an emergency with the confidence to act without hesitation. The social impact could be huge.

Four Minutes Ltd has recently won at Pitch @ Palace 10.0 at Wrexham and been shortlisted for Wales StartUp Awards Technology Start-Up of the Year 2018. Their technology is going to change the way critical emergency skills are delivered worldwide!


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