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Member of the Month - GoCompare

Member of the month GoCompare Group plc is a proud, Wales-headquartered fintech company which also happens to be one of the most recognisable brands in the UK. 

GoCompare Group’s aim is to make it as easy as possible for people to save time and money on everything from insurance policies and energy tariffs, to mortgages, holidays and fashion. This is something the Group achieves through it’s businesses: GoCompare, MyVoucherCodes, and Energylinx. These businesses all share a common focus on innovation, technology, and a culture that puts its staff at its core. Talent Management Business Partner at GoCompare Group, Jon Williams, said;

“We are a fintech business. People are surprised by the breadth of the opportunities that are available within the Group as some assume that we primarily operate a call-centre, which is not the case. We are about innovation and particularly innovation in tech. Everything we do is to improve our services, to make it easier and faster for our customers to find what they want at a great price. Our services need to be intuitive and informative so we rely on talented people who are capable of working in a range of tech-related roles,  as well as marketing, HR, finance and more – we’re a company that offers challenging roles that are among the most exciting in the tech sector.”

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Staff are at the heart of all that GoCompare Group does and are key to the continued growth of the company. Jon explained; 

“When we recruit we are not just selling a job, it’s a lifestyle, an opportunity to be integrated within our community. We want to be seen as the tech employer of choice in South Wales and beyond. So it’s important to us that our employees are recognised for their achievements and that they feel valued and supported. We offer a comprehensive range of benefits, including a share scheme for employees, and a wide-range of initiatives to celebrate success to give our people the recognition they deserve for going the extra mile.” 

These range from ‘shout-outs’ on internal social channels, to monthly company-wide celebration days, quarterly and annual awards, andregular company off-sites where everyone gets to understand that we’re all in this together. 

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These regular recognition opportunities are just an element of the ‘package’ on offer within the Group, which also includes the opportunity to take part in community initiatives such as Pride Cymru recently, charity drives such as the Christmas shoe box appeal, or a three peaks challenge or Tough Mudder. Jon continued;

“We are very proud of our company culture, with commitment from the very top of the organisation. It contributes to a workplace where staff are happy and driven to provide a better service, which in turn leads to happy customers and a growing company.” 

“We are a fintech business” said Jon, “but we are also investors, having acquired MyVoucherCodes and Energylinx this year. We share a common goal with these companies, to save our customers money, so having them as part of the wide group makes sense. We have also made investments in businesses such as UK-based mortgage robo-adviser MortgageGym and, a Dubai-based price comparison site.” 

Having recently joined the ESTnet as a Premier Member, the Newport-headquartered company is keen to forge alliances and good-relations within the community, with Government, local councils, the ESTnet, and build on partnerships they already have with schools, colleges and universities. 

“We need to maximise capabilities within the sector. Wales is our base, we want to be the tech employer of choice here. To achieve our objectives we need to recruit and invest in local talent and work to improve the Welsh technology industry as a whole. The relationships and networks that we have accessed while working with the ESTnet will only grow. We are very keen to be involved with initiatives that bring local businesses together that share this common goal, to improve the industry as well as individual companies.”

“We certainly share common goals with the ESTnet. A big drive for us is to get more women working in the Welsh technology industry, something we know is a priority for the ESTnet too. We are also reaching out to the local community to try and secure local talent.. Our GoFurther Academy is one example of our work in this area. It offers graduate schemes, internships, apprenticeships and work experience initiatives to people of all ages from within the south Wales community with the talent and potential to work for us.”

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Lee Griffin, Founder and President GoCompare said; “I couldn’t be happier with how the GoFurther Academy has grown since it was launched in May and believe our significant investment will have long-term benefits for talent development, the economy and the growing tech community in South Wales.

“GoCompare is one of the UK’s most recognised and trusted Fintech brands, the GoFurther Academy is our commitment to helping grow our industry in South Wales, develop the very best talent in the country and create innovative services to help people everywhere save time and money.”

“Over the following months our hope is to expand our partnerships with colleges, schools and universities in South Wales to give opportunities to local talent, while continuing to invest in the great team we already have at GoCompare.”

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