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Member of the Month

Icam EngineeringiCAM Engineering Ltd are a long established and trusted manufacturer who specialise in high quality safety critical products and services.

The Deeside based company was founded by Dennis Davies in 1964 to produce and maintain instrumentation, analysers and plant measuring equipment along with welding and machining capability.

In 1986 the company was approached to manufacture a prototype vessel for the containment of chemicals used in the manufacture of semiconductors. The vessel had to be designed and built to provide a high integrity cylinder, that could safely contain unstable pyrophoric compounds. Early development, identified the need for very high quality welding, a critical safety concern, which necessitated the acquisition of digitally controlled semi automated welding lathes.

Over 30 years later the company is a leading supplier of high integrity chemical vessels. Managing Director Chris Davies said; 

“We have built a culture of quality and innovation since the company was founded. We use same proven procedure and skills to produce thousands of full penetration sealing welds, essential for the containment of highly unstable compounds for customers across many industry sectors.”

“Our cylinders are now exported worldwide, and conform to U.S. Department of Transport standard 4B ( DOT ). Our long track record has meant that we have built up a considerable wealth of expertise in the design and construction of these vessels, commonly referred to as "Bubblers".

“We are very proud of our track record at iCAM. We have a skilled and dedicated team who are eager to provide an unrivalled service in a highly competitive industry. To ensure that we continue to compete effectively we are investing to strengthen our design and development capabilities so that we can work in even closer partnership with our customers to innovative and cost effective solutions.”

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You can also contact them directly at or call + 44(0)1244 831143.