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Member of the Month - miFuture

Mifuture LogomiFuture is a digital careers app that brings opportunities to the finger-tips of young people ready to make choices about their future.

Created by former teacher Gemma Hallett, miFuture is a ‘Tinder for careers’, a personalised digital solution for young people, our Generation Z, to receive matched career options and notifications direct to their mobile phones.

The inspiration for miFuture came to Gem when trying to facilitate change and support her school leavers:

“I spent 8 years as a teacher, where I was timetabled just an hour every fortnight to guide and prepare classes of young people for life after school. Most were unaware of their options and confused by the system. They know what they love and they have a lot of passion, but they don’t know where that fit’s in to the ‘world of work’, being digital natives; searching endless options, writing CVs, cover letters and application forms are a daunting prospect. Year after year I watched so many of them either stall or take the wrong path only to regret and regress into an uninspiring world. I needed to do something about this”

As a result of this drive Gem facilitated conversations, steering groups and workshops with over 2000 young Welsh people to help shape how the solution should look and feel, from that the miFuture App was born.

“The energy and feedback was incredible. I didn’t know the solution was an app, but it’s what they demanded and how they want to be connected. They were incredibly engaged and quite demanding in the whole process, they decided on a way to explore options that they were passionate about, connect in a way that was native to them, and was confident this was the way to take the next step. It was a long process, but one that had to be done right, miFuture is now the product it needs to be, designed by young people for young people.”  

Gem continued: I got into education to inspire young people, miFuture has become a fantastic opportunity to do just that. We have now undergone a controlled pilot where we connected over 200 young people with our MVP app, they all received a free digital careers profile which provides a relevant live feed of earning, learning, training and volunteering positions which they can apply for in a 'swipe'. 15% of our trial users went on to apply and begin the process of employability” Something Gem is clearly proud of. The tech is now being further developed ready for National roll out and wider impact, mobilising even more young people towards employability.

Gem’s passion for supporting young people is evident and infectious, with a desire to do more and provide a clear social benefit to those not just about to leave education but providing a solution for those who are currently not in employment, education, or training, and those in generational poverty.

“We’ve adopted the ‘one for one’ model, where for each subscription purchased to promote through miFuture App, proceeds directly fund activities of miFuture Foundation, our community and education outreach arm, which provide workshops and collaboration to engage and support those furthest from the labour market. There’s a real affinity in Wales with giving back and supporting the next generation, with us organisations can affectively target their next young recruits and also feel good about the fact they are helping more young people in the wider community who need support the most. It’s a win- win, it has had overwhelming support from the business world which has been great.”

miFuture App launches nationally in March 2018 with a clear mission of 'mobilising generation Z towards employability and prosperity', coinciding with being chosen as the UK’s Careers Week Ambassador for Wales, there’s exciting plans ahead and Gem invites anyone to be involved.

“I am on a personal mission to mobile 100,000 young Welsh adults towards employability, and welcome anyone or any organisation that wants to be a part of this to get in touch. Our mobile technology can and will change the direction of so many young lives and we urge you to be a part of this exciting movement with us”

You can follow miFuture on Twitter and Instagram @miFutureApp and subscribe to the miFuture mailing list click here