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Member of the Month - Byte IT

Have you ever fallen asleep on the train and ended up at the end of the line? Or maybe you've missed your bus stop because you didn't know when to get off? This month’s ESTnet Member of the Month, Byte IT, have developed a revolutionary new app that could provide a solution.

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The aptly named ‘Doze’ works by waking up users who’ve drifted off to sleep before they reach their designated stops. The app initially covers the London Underground, with plans in place to expand into other public transport networks across the Globe.

Doze was developed by teenage entrepreneur Dafydd Jones, who is busy planning the official launch for Doze at the London Transport Museum on 10 October.

17 year old Dafydd initially developed his app while studying for his A-levels at Merthyr College, but has now decided to put his studies on hold to focus on his business. He says the inspiration for Doze stemmed from an anecdote from his older brother:

“Not long after my brother moved to London, he fell asleep on the last train of the night and ended up at the end of the line. In order to get home he had to pay a fortune for a taxi. When he told me that, I just thought there had to be a better way.”

Dafydd researched the concept by riding around on the Tube for a few hours, noticing the large number of people who fell asleep and ended up missing their stop. He decided to develop Doze, making use of specific existing Wi-Fi hotspots that are located at every Tube station to overcome the extremely limited network access in the Underground network.

The benefits of the product are clear, as Dafydd explains:

“ Missing stops significantly reduces productivity and costs businesses money and clients if people are late for meetings. While tourists who are new to cities tend to avoid busy public transport networks as they can be daunting to navigate around and many people miss their stop. My app solves these problems by notifying them well in advance when they need to get off and which side of a potentially packed train they need to get off.”

Dafydd explains that it has long been his dream to create an app, with plenty more in the pipeline, saying:

“I’ve always loved computers and technology. There’s a funny family story that when I was four years old I managed to book a holiday abroad for the whole family through an online website. It was only when a travel company rang our home the next day asking for a payment that my parents realised what I’d done. A passion for tech has stayed with me ever since, and I’ve been working on my coding and app development skills for a few years now. My dream is to study Computer Science at an American university and hopefully grow as an IT entrepreneur.”

You can find out more about Doze on Twitter @GetDoze
You can also book your free place at the launch at the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden, London on 10 October here. The launch includes a tour of the museum (worth £17.50).