Member of the Month - Simply Do Ideas

Member of the Month - Simply Do Ideas

Lee Sharma 1  ESTnet Member of the Month for April are Simply Do Ideas, a new   ed-tech venture which is helping pioneer a new future for entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Launched in 2016, the online platform supports the development and growth of early-stage business ideas. 

“Simply Do Ideas facilitates the process between a raw idea and developing a market-ready business plan,” says founder Lee Sharma. “It’s all about nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship and instilling practical business skills within the user - helping create entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs of the future.” 

The platform is a virtual idea management system and incubator, taking an individual through the entire new business process on a completely personalised journey. The process incorporates every element of business planning from competitor analysis and marketing to risks, costs and potential impact.

The first platform of its kind, Simply Do Ideas is already being used within schools, colleges and universities across the UK including Cardiff Metropolitan University, Birkbeck University of London and The Open University. However, it’s also being used by businesses to realise innovation from within the existing workforce, accessing a valuable resource which can be hard to tap. 

Hosted online, Simply Do Ideas can be accessed at any time in any location with users submitting their input to their lecturer or manager for feedback and support. 97% of users say that the platform helped develop their ideas and 94% found the system easy to use.

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“The digital platform is fantastic,” comments graduate Alison Mahoney. “It really gives you the opportunity to experiment with your ideas in a safe environment before you set foot into the marketplace.”

“Simply Do Ideas provides a seamless way to capture ideas,” adds Matthew Taylor, Director of Enterprise at Cardiff Metropolitan. “It enables our team to go through those ideas in a logical, comprehensive manner, addressing students’ concerns before providing the support they need.” 

The inspiration for Simply Do Ideas came after Lee’s own experience starting up a business followed by 12 years working in Welsh Government, universities and colleges promoting business development, supporting entrepreneurship and helping students to start-up their own businesses. 

“Simply Do Ideas is unique in its concept and delivery,” says Lee. “It can also be customised to meet the individual needs of an educational institution or a business depending on what they want to achieve. It’s already been met with great success and with our passion behind the product, we want to help pioneer the start of a society-wide cultural change in how we harness the future of entrepreneurship and intrapreneneurship to realise real innovation.” 

Simply Do Ideas have offices in Cardiff and Caerphilly. For more details about the company and how they could help you, visit

You can also call on 0330 122 2781, email or find them online: 

Twitter @SimplyDoIdeas

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