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Sonix SoftwareJuly Member of the Month Sonix pride themselves on being developers from the top down. 

Sonix Software Ltd are a Cardiff-based software development company with a strong ethos at its heart - that clients will always be talking to a developer, no matter what role is being fulfilled. This approach ensures that clients never wait for somebody to ‘get back to them’ as needs can be met there and then by a staff member who knows what they’re talking about. 

Sonix was founded in 2016 by current director Dan Atkins, who developed an experienced and talented team of developers who have worked for and with some of the world’s foremost companies, including Accenture, Deloitte, Microsoft, and a variety of financial institutions across the globe. 

Hand in hand with this experience is a desire to do things differently, to continue to innovate and keep up with the latest in software developments to ensure that Sonix remains at the forefront of this fast-changing industry. Founder Dan Atkins said, 

“All Sonix developers have experienced the old school way of working as well as dealing with newer clients such as Google. We strive to do things differently with our staff at the very core of what is being done. We have trained many of the staff ourselves as we believe in getting new talent into the industry pool while also encouraging and supporting more experienced staff to be flexible, creative and bespoke. The business and IT worlds are changing, at Sonix we aim to capture the best of the old school and new world to offer a service that is truly innovative, unique and bespoke to each and every client.”

Sonix Software Mom

Sonix initially specialised in Robotics, but have already branched out to specialise in RPA, Robotics, Business Intelligence, Training as well as bespoke software solutions for small and large companies. They are also pleased to be considered an unofficial UiPath partner.

Fellow director Catrin Atkins said,

“Our flagship software, Smart Reader, is used to structure data for use in RPA. This is a very different approach to a very old problem that has been successfully implemented and integrated into a robotics estate. Smart Reader is not designed to compete with any other OCR software, and shouldn’t be confused with software like Abby. The idea is to enhance scanned documents, that are not up to the standard needed for something like RPA. So far the results are astounding - 65% versus 98% accuracy.

This software applies cryptography to decrypt a badly read document, accepting the 65% to begin with and tries to bring that accuracy up. This has been piloted in the London Insurance Market- and we have managed to get a 98% read. This is now in testing with a BETA client with a general release before the end of July.”

You can try Smart Reader for yourself on the Sonix Software website here 

Catrin is also co-founder of Women in Tech Cymru. who will host their summer conference in Aberystwyth on 7th July. 

“From day one at Sonix Software I wanted to promote women in tech, so co-founded Women in Tech Cymru in June 2017. It was clear from the launch event that there’s a need for it, since then we have hosted workshops, ‘unconferences’ and conferences, meetings, networking and other events. The summer conference on 7th July is a combination of all these things.” 

It’s not too late to book your place at the 2018 Women in Tech Cymru conference, please click here for details For the latest information regarding Women in Tech Cymru you can follow them on Twitter @CymruTech

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