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Member of the Month - We Build Bots

Wales Technology Award 2018 winners We Build Bots help busineses save time, make money and delight their customers through their flagship AI platform IntelAgent. 

MM Winner

The Cardiff-based company recently won the Sir Michael Moritz Tech Start-up Award thanks to an impressive product, innovative approach and rapid growth potential. They added this Wales Technology Award to an already impressive list of achievements, including being named one of of Europe’s leading start-ups by Web Summit, and reaching the final of the Oracle Global Cloud Accelerator.

Their flagship IntelAgent product is a live-chat AI platform that saves hours of frustrating phone calls through automation, chatbots and voice assistants, including Live webchat, Facebook Messenger and even Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Developed only last year, IntelAgent already has an international customer base that includes Amnesty International, the AA, the Daily Telegraph and Welsh Water.

We Build Bots is the brainchild of CEO Paul Shepherd. It was while working in the USA for a media company in the late noughties that he noticed the potential impact of social media on customer services. Upon his return to Wales Mr Shepherd established social media and mobile marketing agency Coup Media, while working with some of the UK’s foremost fintech companies Paul noticed how repetitive customer service enquiries could be, which led to the initial idea for IntelAgent.

Commenting on the product and its benefits Mr. Shepherd said:

“IntelAgent automates answers, automates processes and collects data. So many customer service enquiries are simple, run-of-the-mill questions. Customers call their supplier to change their address, or ask about when to expect a delivery, and other FAQ’s. IntelAgent enables the customer to use Facebook Messenger or Amazon Alexa to ask these questions and receive answers automatically, so improving customer service for the customer and saving the company time and money. It also has an inbuilt alert for human input so that the call can be transferred to a customer service representative if needed.”

We Build Bots compete in a relativaly small, but growing, competitive marketplace, with less than twenty direct competitors world-wide. Nevertheless innovation is important to enable the company to continue to thrive. Mr Shepherd continued: 

“ We are one of the first companies of our type in the world to integrate voice channels in our product. The use of products such as Alexa and Google Assistant is growing rapidly, so we’re very proud that we are pioneers in the use of voice assistance within a customer service AI platform.

“A further benefit is data collection. IntelAgent gathers information on what people are asking – what are the most common requests? This information is fed back to the client to better inform their marketing and communication with their customers and further improve their service.” 

We Build Bots have a global customer base that includes clients based in Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands and the USA, but they are proud of their Welsh roots, and plan to stay due to the potential demand for the IntelAgent product in the area. 

“ There is a fertile local and regional market here in Wales” said Mr Shepherd, “ The Welsh Contact Centre alone is worth £630m annually, we have identified this area and the south west of England as the largest combined conurbation of contact centres in the UK. Our strategy is to work closely with these companies and build foundations for further global success. Juniper Research suggests that businesses adopting chatbots and AI technologies stand to save £6bn annually by 2022, and we look forward to working with our customers to help them achieve savings and success through improved customer service.”

You can find out more about We Build Bots’ flagship product IntelAgent at 

You can also follow We Build Bots on Twitter @webuild_bots or contact them using Facebook Messenger of course.