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Member of the Month - Wealthify

Wealthify -logo _Stacked _Colour _Neg _RGBDouble Wales Technology Award winner Wealthify is an online investment service that builds and manages investment plans for customers using a combination of smart technology, the latest user experience design techniques and a simple, straightforward approach to bring investing to everyone.

The Penarth-based fintech business picked up the prestigious Sir Michael Moritz Tech Start-up category at the Awards, impressing the judges with their success in becoming a leading player in the UK’s emerging ‘robo-investing’ sector, forecast to be worth around $5 trillion by 2020.  They were also joint-winners, along with Wales Interactive, of the Most Innovative Product category, impressing judges with their dedication to user experience (UX).

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Ensuring a quality user experience is central to Wealthify’s success, as CEO Dr. Richard Theo explains;

“We’ve made a virtue out of simplicity. From an intuitive, jargon-free user experience to the way we describe and explain concepts like risk and diversification – everything is designed to demystify investing, instill confidence, and educate.

Consequently, people don’t need any previous investing experience at all, because our experts build them an investment plan and manage it on their behalf, every day. Sign up is fully online and takes less than 10 minutes. Customers just decide how much they want to invest and how long for, using our intuitive sliders, they can start with as little as £1.”

Wealthify was co-founded in 2015 by Dr. Theo, Chief Investment Officer Michelle Pearce, and Chairman Richard Avery-Wright, and launched in early 2016. Since then they’ve grown quickly, both in customer numbers and reputation, attracting accolades and column inches from the investing industry and beyond.

Wealthify was born when Dr Richard Theo spotted a market opportunity to offer wealth management services online to non-traditional investors at a fraction of the costs charged by existing providers, as he explains;

“A combination of low interest rates and rising inflation has made cash saving routes far less appealing to the majority of savers. The need for an easy to use, sustainable and affordable alternative for savers is clear, so we’ve created a service that gives savers an easy, hassle-free route to investing. We believe we’re the only provider in this space with a truly mass-market proposition, and we’re confident we can turn 1 million savers into investors in the next 10 years.”

Wealthify has a clear strategy to help realise their growth potential; “As well as the traditional marketing routes, we will build on our strong heritage in white labeling to seek partnerships with other organisations looking to enter this growth market. Our custom-built APIs mean we can launch a co-branded  online investing service to any partner’s customer base in as little as 3 months,” said Dr. Theo “We’re also engaged in various partnership opportunities with financial services providers and complimentary brands, which we are confident will provide a rich seam of customers - confidence in the business is high.”

You can visit Wealthify at and follow them on Twitter @wealthify_com or call 0800 802 1800.