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Collaboration of ESTnet Members - Kiwa Blackwood tests Magstim’s TMS prior to its deployment in a brain-to-brain experiment

Transcranial magnetic stimulators (TMS) such as Magstim’s Rapid2 appliance are used in neuroscience and neuropsychology for research into, the diagnosis, and the treatment of brain abnormalities. The Magstim Rapid2 TMS systems are magnetic stimulators intended for non-invasive stimulation of neuromuscular tissue, by inducing small currents in the tissue using a brief pulse of electromagnetic energy.

TMS technology hit the headlines recently when Magstim’s Rapid2 device was used in a ground breaking experiment at Washington University in which an action, imagined by one person, was communicated through the internet to another person, who involuntarily carried out the action.

One of the project’s professors was hooked up to an encephalography machine, which reads electrical activity in the brain. He imagined pressing the cursor on his keyboard with his right hand (but did not actually make the movement). The machine was linked, via the internet to another professor, on another part of the campus, wearing one of Magstim’s Rapid2 TMS devices. Involuntarily, his right hand moved to press the cursor on his keyboard. This success has caused excitement among researchers, and has sparked discussions on how brain to brain processes can impact society in the future. Although the professors involved were quick to point out that at this stage it is just a simple basic brain activity that has been transferred from one person to another. Their next step is to communicate more complex activity. More information about the experiment can be found

Magstim is delighted that its Rapid2 TMS was used in this leading edge experiment. Based in Carmarthenshire, the company provides TMS appliances to the fields of neuroscience, neurology and psychiatry around the world.

Of course these appliances must be tested for compliance to Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive using appropriate EMC standards. Magstim has been testing their products with Kiwa Blackwood Compliance Laboratories in Gwent for over a decade. All electronic or electrical products must be tested to confirm that they are immune to a normal level of electromagnetic interference from their environment and also do not generate electromagnetic disturbances which may affect other appliances.

Kiwa Blackwood is known for its friendly, professional and value for money EMC, EMF and Electrical Safety Testing. Their level of repeat business speaks for itself, with over 95% of customers returning time and time again. Kiwa Blackwood is able to provide a service suited to customers’ requirements and also offers ongoing support and advice for their developments.



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