Cardiff University

Digital Maturity Survey 2018

Like many nations, Wales is undergoing a period of rapid transformation, with digital technologies playing a vital role in both business and society. More and more business’ in Wales have adopted broadband and using it as an enabler for assistive digital technologies such as cloud computing and video conferencing etc.

However, we do not know how SME’s in Wales are using these technologies and how this affects the wider Welsh economy. In order to understand this, Cardiff University’s Digital Maturity survey shows evidence of how Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) in Wales have adopted and use the broadband resource, and how exploration of enabling technologies work to improve business performance.

We would now like to invite SMEs to take part by joining in the survey. All businesses completing the survey will receive a copy of their Digital Maturity Score, benchmarked against others in Wales (this will be available early 2019). By completing the survey SMEs will be able to help create a picture of Wales’ emerging digital economy and create robust economic impact figures and inform Welsh Government and partners in supporting its development.

The survey can be accessed here. 

Available from September 10th - Ocotber 21st

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