Keep an eye in the sky


New start-up members, DronEvolution Ltd, are on a mission to make people safer, organisations better and solve challenges for business. This innovative Welsh company takes an entirely customer centric approach to using tethered drones to improve the safety and effectiveness of their clients’ organisations. As new members of the ESTnet, we have been in touch with Co-Founder and Communications Director, Toby Townrow to find out how DronEvolution is taking off.

A 99d 9cdd -97bf -438c -a 396-92c 333e 547acThis exciting company was the brainchild of Co-Founders John Young and Clayton Earney who began exploring new ways of using drones to service clients. Toby soon joined the team and began initiating his business expertise to help facilitate their Initial ideas for a Tethered Drone product, which soon sparked further developments.

The company has this month raised their first round of investment through the Angels Co-Fund supported by the Development Bank of Wales. This investment is the first of its kind in Wales.

The business itself will focus on three core arms, Services, Product and Training. Toby explains “Our service model has a diverse offering. Many companies don’t want to fully invest in their own drones, so we will provide drones and pilots for clients to use at their organization for any period of time. Our free flight drones can be used among utility or construction companies for roof inspections, video photography, thermal imaging and much more. Of course, the drone itself is merely the conduit – the important element for clients is the information they can gather cheaply and safely and what they can do with that data to streamline their operations.”

DronEvolution’s objective is to reduce the cost to an organisation while also keeping people safe. Many people fall from ladders each year, but by utilizing these drones, companies can dramatically improve the efficiency and most importantly safety of their client’s organisations.

DronEvolution are concentrating on the development of products for the security market Their newest product will begin its flight in one of the major UK airports as the team discuss plans with a big airport security firm. A defensive tethered drone, which can be used for airport surveillance and weaponised for airport defence. The product will have many uses in security which the team hopes to be able to deliver in countries around the world. Another application area will be event security - following talks in London, DronEvolution identified ways to protect people during and returning home from events, using tethered drone surveillance.

Toby and the team are currently in discussions to work in partnership with the UK’s biggest providers of mobile kitchen equipment for large scale events such as the Olympics. ‘’Partnerships will be very important to us,” Toby says, “not only for the growth of our business, but to enable our clients to provide innovative services to their end users”.

Drone training is a growing area both individually and commercially. Therefore DronEvolution will be providing their own training along with a venue so that other organisations can conduct their own training if needed. Toby illuminates the possibilities;

“We’ve spoken to some clients who wish to become self-sufficient with their own drones fleet but they don’t know where to start. So we can set them up, train them, lease them the equipment, consult on their operations manual and maintenance schedules etc, so we can offer a full package to enable them to build their in-house capabilities’’.

When asking Toby about his plans for the future of DronEvolution, he replied;

“We expect that 30-50% of our trade will be outside the UK, working in partnership with multiple organisations around the world. Within three years, the last of our products will be in the market place, which is very exciting.”

At this time, Toby suspects DronEvolution will be working with military companies and defence agencies around the world as a result of their final defensive drone system, in development currently.

“We’re constantly looking at new ways we can best serve our clients organisation, the main focus is defence, but the service side will be huge for construction, utilities and transport. The trick will be retaining focus, as there are so many ways we could help people using drones, as our business matures and expands, so can our team and inevitably this will open up more of these possibilities”.

With so many remarkable global possibilities, the ESTnet are looking forward to following DronEvolution’s work in the near future and are delighted to welcome this unique company to our network.