north wales growth deal

£1bn North Wales Growth Deal signed off

North Wales Bridge

The £1bn North Wales Growth Deal has been signed off, with the UK and Welsh Government investing a combined £240m in the region, with private sector funding bringing the deal up to the £1bn mark. It is hoped that the deal will create 5,000 jobs over the next 15 years.

The programmes within the deal include projects on low carbon energy, advanced manufacturing, land-based industries (agriculture and tourism), land and property, skills and employment, digital connectivity, and strategic transport.

Avril Lewis, ESTnet managing director commented: “This deal is tremendous news for north Wales, and our diverse and innovative technology sector can play a pivotal role in assisting the selected programmes achieve their maximum potential. We are already seeing this across Wales, with businesses adopting enabling technologies such as cyber, IoT & OT, drones, artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance their propositions, increase efficiency and boost their bottom line. The ESTnet will continue to play its role by bringing together traditionally strong industries with Wales’ vibrant technology sector at events such as the forthcoming Emerging Tech Fest in Llandudno on 29 January. This announcement is great news for north Wales, and the ESTnet looks forward to helping forge new opportunities for the region’s many dynamic technology companies.” 

Image: Ian Preston via Flickr