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ESTnet Partner Chwarae Teg is pleased to announce Agile Nation 2

Chwarae tegAgile Nation 2 is a new programme to help support women develop their careers and employers create an engaged and adaptable workforce.

The Women’s strand of the programme is aimed at aspiring female managers who have the drive and commitment to take their career forward and those women who may have already taken that first step into managing a team. It’s open to any woman from any background, age, confidence level or knowledge base.

The programme starts by creating a tailored development plan for each individual, before moving onto an accredited management qualification followed by a choice of bite sized learning modules. Along the way participants benefit from the guidance of our experienced team, the support of other like-minded women on the programme and the opportunity to meet and learn from inspirational women in Wales.

The Employer programme will assist you to attract, retain and develop talent, inspire an inclusive staff culture and improve diversity by benchmarking where you are now and the changes you can make in your organisation aligned with your organisation’s strategy to deliver a better service for your customers.

The programme has been designed to make the very best of your human resources, improve your organisation’s reputation in a competitive market place and support you in becoming an employer of choice.

Agile Nation 2 is funded by the European Social Fund and the Welsh Government and it’s available to women and organisations working in Wales’s key growth sectors: Information and Communication Technology, Food and Farming, Energy and Environment, Tourism, Advanced Materials and Manufacturing, Construction, Creative Industries, Life Sciences, Financial and Professional Services.

They are holding programmes all across Wales to find out more get in touch with them via email or phone on 0300 365 044