a level results

Male students nearly 400% more likely to take a tech A-level than female


According to the 2019 A-level results, Welsh students are 375% more likely to take Computing or ICT at A-Level than their female counterparts, and nearly twice as likely to study mathematics.

Biology was the only STEM subject led by female students, with boys dominating Physics, Chemistry, ICT, Mathematics, Mathematics (Further) and Computing.

Avril Lewis MBE, managing director of the ESTnet said: “While it’s great to see the overall number of students taking STEM subjects continue to rise, today’s results show we are still facing an enormous gender balance crisis when it comes to women in technology.

“Across the country, boys are nearly five times more likely to study computing or ICT at A-level than girls, and nearly twice as likely to study mathematics. As such, the results paint a hugely disproportionate picture of those engaging with technology related subjects at a young age, an issue that filters through the skills pipeline and contributes to the wider gender balance issue impacting the technology industry as a whole.

“Today’s results should be a wake-up call for us as both an industry and wider society, that despite initiatives, the gender imbalance is still very much here. Over the past few years the technology sector has been proactive in trying to bridge the gender gap, with a variety of initiative launched to attract women to digital industries. However, today shows that there is still much more to be done, especially at a schools level, if we are serious about fixing the problem.”

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