mi Future

miFuture App Launched

''We’ve got to be driven by young people, if we’re going to solve a problem for young people''

miFuture is a digital careers app that brings opportunities to the finger-tips of young people ready to make choices about their future. The app went live in July and is available to provide a solution for young people to connect with the wold of work and available opportunities. ‘’Our mobile technology can and will change the direction of so many young lives and we urge you to be a part of this exciting movement”

Gemma Hallett, former Welsh rugby player, teacher and innovator has developed a supportive platform to enable the Generation Z, to receive matched career options and notifications direct to their mobile phones.  

The applications’ early adoption has been fantastic and miFuture has secured over 23 supporting partners including GoCompare, The Princes Trust, local colleges and charities among other organisations. The strength of miFuture is that it was built from the bottom up, by the young people, for the young people. Gemma stated that ‘’young people know what they want better than we do, so let’s listen’’. Gemma facilitated conversations, steered groups and held workshops with over 2,500 people, to help her decide what the app should do, what it shouldn’t do and more importantly how it should work.

‘’It’s about empowering the young person, because they know what they’re passionate about but don’t necessarily understand how that sits in the world of work. It’s about showing them the full picture, these are the skills and the interests that you’ve got, here are the opportunities that are worth exploring.’’

From Gemma’s past experience as a P.E teacher, responsible for preparing school leavers for life after school, she spotted the opportunity to improve the current process for youngsters. Gemma first had the idea for miFuture back in 2011, she then left in 2015 in order to bring it idea to life. She spent the first 18 months working on projects which supported those hardest to reach for example, those in generational poverty or not in mainstream education. Gemma was also a coach and mentor for young girls in the community, which when combined with her previous work experience, provided her with the variety of real first-person research which influenced the development of miFuture.

Since launching the app Gemma has received interest from other countries and is having discussions on how the app could be expanded internationally. Currently, the app is growing organically in the South Wales Valleys. ‘’For now, it’s just about helping as many young people towards employability as we can, through earning, learning, volunteering and training.’’

‘’We’re really big on ensuring that young people have access to the skills and opportunities of the future, understanding that technology and digital will be key.’’

Gemma is on a personal mission to mobilise 100,000 young Welsh adults towards employability, and welcomes anyone or any organisation that wants to be a part of this to get in touch.

On reflection of her thoughts on the industry in Wales, Gemma explained: ‘’I think the opportunities are there, I think people have more power than they think they have. We’ve got to upskill people in the industries that are growing. I’m a big believer that with the right guidance, this next generation will be very entrepreneurial, but without the awareness of what’s out there, they could fall short and not fulfil their ambitions.’’ 

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