International Impact winner 2018

Silvertel - Award Follow Up

Silvertel, continue as pioneers in the design and supply of electronic modules!

Silvertel specialise in the design and supply of low cost electronic modules to an extensive global customer base that includes blue chip names such as Samsung, Toshiba, LG and Amazon. They also won the International Impact Award at the Wales Technology Awards in May of this year thanks to their impressive year on year sales growth to a global customer network. They supply products to thousands of customers in over 60 countries.


Since winning the award, we have been in touch with Managing Director Steve Edwards to check on their progress since the award.

The company is internationally recognised as one that operates at the forefront of this niche technology. Silvertel’s strengths in technological innovation has seen them become the only company in the UK designing this particular product range. Having pushed the boundaries of Power Over Ethernet (POE) back with modules for up to 100W and squeezing high power into ever smaller packages through creative and innovative engineering.Silvertel are specialist designers of low cost electronic circuits, including Power over Ethernet modules and advanced telecom interface solutions with a particular focus on miniaturization. This drive towards continually smaller modules has seen the company’s experienced design team create the world’s smallest POE module (the Ag9900M), which is targeted at the next generation of Internet of Things products. The Ag9900M is the newest and truly cutting-edge POE module.  Their expert team of engineers have designed the Ag9900M to deliver all the advantages of industrial temperature, low power POE in the smallest of footprints.

The Newport based company began trading in 1998 under Managing Director Steve Edwards and currently employ fourteen people. As a result of their growth and expertise, the company has created opportunities for a number of Welsh contract manufacturers to keep up with the demand for their products. While many electronics companies get their products built in the Far East, one of Silvertel’s key philosophies is to source their products from UK manufacturers with 2 of those being based in South Wales.

‘’The award was great publicity and recognition for what we’ve been doing and the success we have achieved over the years in growing these markets around the world. Our plans are to maintain an increasing growth in sales and continue to market our products well. We recently signed a third sub-contractor here in South Wales to match our capacity needs.’’

When asking Steve about his future plans, he replied:

‘’The key thing for Silvertel is to keep innovating, keep pushing the boundaries and designing better and better products for our customers and of course to stay ahead of the competition.’’

The increase in sales has provided Silvertel an opportunity to expand their talent pool through a well-established relationship with Swansea University. This relationship has now employed three graduate engineers from the university.

The Welsh design firm have had tremendous success for their outstanding innovations, and we look forward to hear more about the bright future for Silvertel very soon.