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Timto Launches New 'Uplifiting' Charities Partnership

ESTnet members and multi-award winning online gift service, timto, have launched their first wave of exclusive Uplifting Gifting websites for major charities, beginning with Macmillan Cancer Support.

Following a strong response from the charity sector, timto developed its ‘Uplifting Gifting’ platform to create bespoke versions of its B2C gift service,, with the ambition of raising £10m p.a. for good causes. timto’s have received recent awards from; the DNA Summit (in UN office for partnership), UK Fundraising, UK Cabinet Office and NESTA.

Ben Welch, Head of fundraising Development at Macmillan said “We are excited to be working with timto to make their innovative gift service available to our supporters.”

Nathan Cornish, Co-founder of timto, explains how the Uplifting Gifting concept grew “We realised that a growing number of people wanted an easy way to support a charity when they were celebrating a special occasion. Our research identified that over £2.5 billion p.a. was spent on gifts that were either never used, given away or re-sold. We thought we could help solve both problems by bringing them together.”

timto’s solution was to aggregate friends and family gift expenditure, by asking them contribute to a gift fund instead of buying individual gifts. This enables better gifts to be bought while at the same time also releasing funds for a donation to charity.

The recommendation, based on successful testing, is for 20% of the fund to be donated to charity although it is the person celebrating who decides the actual proportion donated. The aim is to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to give to charity when they celebrate; from children making their first donation, to couples getting married, to professionals organising an office gift collection.  

Developing the bespoke version for an individual charity, such as, is key to timto’s strategy to create significant impact and achieve their ambition over the next 5 years. Significantly, the platform is free to charities as there is no setup or ongoing subscription fees and the charities also receive every penny of every donation (plus gift aid). Other benefits include simple integration into a charity’s existing digital proposition and a new digital engagement tool.
Ben Welch, concluded “Our supporters are now able to share their special moments, not only with friends and family, but also Macmillan. “Uplifting Gifting has the potential to deliver significant incremental value to Macmillan, whilst allowing us to strengthen our relationships with both individual and corporate supporters. “
Timto are opening applications on the 27th January to charities for the next development wave, please contact to express your interest.