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VRGO Ltd, are making the virtual world more immersive than ever before. Bringing fully immersive virtual reality, to everyone’s home.


Virtual Reality (VR) as an emerging technology has become progressively popular during recent years, with user experiences becoming increasingly impressive and engaging. The immersive environment of VR and its benefits have been utilised in many areas already including that of Healthcare, Tourism, Manufacturing, Retail, Education, Construction, Gaming and the Technology industries.

ESTnet Start-Up Members VRGO Ltd, have developed a novel solution to an emerging technology problem - how do you move yourself over long distances in VR? Introducing, ‘VRGO Chair’ a new kind of motion controller for VR. We’ve been in touch with Founder and Director Joe Ryan to find out more.

VRGO Ltd was founded by product designer and creative technologist Joe Ryan, whose furniture and product design passion uncovered an innovative solution and asset to VR products. VRGO was originally designed as a posture stool which later gained wireless connectivity and became the VRGO chair.

VRGO is a chair with a rounded base that acts as a joystick controlled with your movement, creating a fully immersive VR experience. The product received fantastic validation from industry experts before going on to be successfully funded on Kickstarter in December 2015. VRGO have a number of new products in development and have patented a new lower priced product based on the VRGO technology that is set for launch in 2019.

VRGO Chair is being exported internationally and has sold in over 40 countries worldwide with plans to increase the sales in these international markets. In the next 12 months Joe plans to move to a larger manufacturing facility in South East Wales and will focus on building a team capable of both assembling and selling products in high volume. Joe is looking for investment to create a pathway to diversify from VR into wider market as VRGO is well positioned to be a leader in smart chair technologies.

“Our strength is in the teams proven ability to bring products to market and the industry knowledge that come with working within both the gaming and technology sectors.”

“My own personal plan is to see the company grow into a market leader in smart chair technologies and have a strong order book of international sales. Innovation is at the core of everything we do at VRGO and we are constantly looking to improve and optimize our current products and design new products that create new market segments.”

When asking Joe about his thoughts on the industry in Wales he replied;

‘’I’ve been very impressed by the business support we've been given as a new Welsh company. There is a strong technology community and we’ve been supported by both Cardiff and Swansea University in product research and development.” 

It’s brilliant to have welcomed this exciting Welsh company to the ESTnet network and we look forward to following the work of VRGO as it revolutionizes the VR market. Join Joe Ryan and many other innovative businesses at the Emerging Tech Fest in Wrexham, 13th December, where we explore how emerging tech is going to continue to impact on you and your business in the future.

For more infomation, watch Joe's Ted Talk bellow - ‘talking about the creation of an idea to producing a tangible object’.

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