New Service Launch


Cyber security has become increasingly important over the years and is now essential in the modern world. Practically every organisation in every sector needs protection and guidance in recognising, responding and protecting their IT infrastructure to a cyber threat.wolfberry

Leading Cyber Security consultants and members of the ESTnet, Wolfberry has been helping identify and manage the risks that threaten IT systems and consequently the organisation itself. Founder and CEO Damon Rands has built the Wolfberry brand for over nine years and its reputation around the globe, where it was later fully established in 2014. The Newport based company has shown impressive year on year growth and recently opened their office locations in London and Dubai, we have since been in contact with Damon to find out what’s been happening.

Havingstarted services in Penetration (Pen) testing and Cyber-Essentials, Wolfberry now provide a full Cyber Security Maturity Assessment (CSMA) which is proving a very valuable service for businesses. The CSMA covers everything from the organisations compliances, how they manage their systems, the technical controls of their company and how they manage incidents. By sending testers on site to carry out an in depth review,Wolfberry are able to advise the client on any potential weaknesses and problems. Damon explains that ‘’without a CSMA assessment many companies could be spending huge amounts of money protecting specific areas when the vulnerabilities could be elsewhere, the assessment helps identify these’’


As part of the CSMA incident management, Wolfberry hold a hybrid workshop in order to test the IT department and their response to a (harmless) virus and understand how the incident is responded to. The results of which have been very positive as now CSMA’s have become an important area of focus for Wolfberry and their clients.

The latest addition to their service is Wolfberry’s own Secure Operations Centre (SOC), as many organisations don’t wish to employ cyber-security experts full time, this is a service which allows Wolfberry’s team to monitor what’s going happening in an organisations network at all times and alert both the client and Wolfberry if anything poses a threat. By deploying software to the client, Wolfberry’s team are able to closely monitor client’s systems and produce regular reports on all activity. Damon is building his SOC network with two very well-known companies and is looking to expand this service in the future.

Damon states ‘’The main focus at the moment is expansion, with the addition of our CSMA and SOC we are expected to continue to grow with the team expecting to double to around twenty next year’’.