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Your Opportunity to Improve the Business Environment for UK Exports

Tech UKtechUK has been selected by the UK Government to run a ground breaking initiative that puts driving the reform of regulatory enforcement in the hands of business.

 techUK therefore invite you to identify issues where you feel that the "enforcement" of business regulations, specifically concerning Export Controls, has a negative impact to the UK Electronics, Systems, Assemblies or Components supply chain, either as an unnecessary cost to business, or loss of potential exports.

Note: this is not about "changing" the legislation; this is about the way UK legislation is enforced, and in particular, ensuring that UK companies are not at a disadvantage when compared to other countries.

You are invited to comment, provide input and evidence, specifically addressing business perceptions that:

 Other countries apply less demanding export controls to electronic products and that common standards would help create a level playing field for UK firms.


Comparatively lengthy UK timeframes for obtaining export licences could be leading to the unnecessary loss of valuable contracts and the cancellation of orders for UK firms.

 You can input your evidence (techUK will keep your details confidential) at the following link:



techUK will present the collective issues raised directly, and in person, to the Minister for Business & Enterprise, Matthew Hancock later in November.