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Nia Davies

Nia Davies

Nia Davies, Managing Director of Davlec Ltd. 

Nia took over as Managing Director of her family business Davlec Limited in 2002. Historically, the company had been primarily based around Agro-electronics, with some notable clients in the Automotive industry. Since she inherited the role, Nia has diversified the Davlec portfolio to include high-end catering equipment, Hi-Fi and healthcare electronics, as well as extending the range of automotive clients. Davlec continues to innovate in the field of Dairy Farming, now supplying re-branded and customer specific products to the vast proportion of UK based Dairy electronics firms, as well as exporting to a growing number of territories.

In 2014, Nia acquired high-end Hi-Fi company Leema Electro Acoustics, of which she is also the Managing Director. Since the acquisition, Nia has applied her 15 years of management experience to re-invigorate the award-winning brand and push forward the profile of one of the last British owned Hi-Fi companies. The last three years have seen a slew of 5 star reviews and prestigious European wide awards, with a host of new products to be released soon.

Thanks to the experience of the Hi-Fi industry gained through Nia’s work with Leema, she has also been appointed as a Director of Mitchell and Johnson Electronics. A newer brand with a slightly lower price point, Nia has embraced the challenge of increasing their market recognition as another British owned Hi-Fi company.